Receiving SEO services that are right for you means asking the right questions.

SEO services are often shrouded in mystery and vagueness. Here’s a few questions that will help you cut through the shroud.

Questions to ask your web designer or SEO provider:

• Do the SEO services include keyword research?
• If so, what metrics are used to compare the value of a keyword.
• How do you generate value from identified quality keywords?
• Are you receiving monthly reports that include target keyword rankings?
• Are you being helped to create content specificity gears to focus keywords?
• Have you been left not fully understanding the work that’s being done?

If you don’t receive clear or satisfying answers to these questions then it’s time to explore what options are available to you.
FCI provides transparent SEO services, clear reporting of web traffic activity, and content creation services that respond to traffic analytics. We take the time to educate potential clients about the mechanisms involved in search engine ranking.

• Transparent SEO Services
• Simple pricing
• Understandable Reports
• Proven Experience

 What would you like to know about SEO? Send us a message.

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